The Azure service is an integrated form of services which provides the
access to create the web page.

Azure service bus cycle
  • The cloud computing services are provided in order to accurate the business plans. This has a variety of feature which is of great support for the test analysis.
  • They often build, test, and deploy the applications. They are used as the managing tool as well.
  • The Azure services are accessible in mobile apps. It works as Microsoft managed data centers.
  • It provides many services such as mobile services, storage services and data management.
  • It offers the file management on the cloud. It provides a way to automate the users which work manually and can make the access to the user and in a long-running.
  • The time saving azure services increases the independent nature of the automation of the devices.


The work has to be done in an automatic way and on the regular basis. The automation of the processes is done by the usage of run books and the configuration management which uses the desired state configuration. It provides with the software as service, platform as service and the Infrastructure.It provides with technical consulting, performance tuning, technical interaction and technical suggestion.